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WOO is Emily Carr University’s student publication; it showcases student work from all disciplines, including art, design, creative writing, media, illustration, animation and more. Woo is a fantastic project because it allows students to experiment and learn how to work with a team of fellow students to compose a publication from scratch. During my time at Woo, I was Editor-in-chief and Lead designer. I was accountable for administrative duties, managing schedules, budgets, pre-press file production and overseeing submissions, and I worked alongside the Art Director to create strong and unique concepts, visuals and layouts.

For the 2015 school year, we found inspiration in the seasons. The fall issue used a bright red and showcased the outline of the map of Granville Island (where the school was located). The Winter issue had a very cool and vibrant blue-green with a beautiful marble pattern. And for the Spring issue, we had a lovely warm yellow accompanied by a delicate flower pattern.

project type
Editorial (Print) 1,500 Copies
Role: Editor-in-chief +
Lead Designer
Emily Carr University
‍Country: Canada
Complete Book Design
Applied Arts Student Awards 2015

Print Honorable Mention
Salazar Awards 2015

Outstanding Achievement  
HOW International Awards 2015
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Co-Editor-in-chief:  Yili Lou
Art Director: Daniel Telado
Illustrator: Juan Cisneros
Editorial Director: Jennifer Dickieson
Print Manager:  Thaira Bouhid
Design Team: Natalie Worth, Lula Christman, Kyu Lee, Naitik Mehta, Jordyn Taylor
thaira bouhid
"Dani was a delight to work with! She was always extremely organized when leading as editor in chief at Woo, bringing amazing and creative ideas on how to execute the magazine and take it to the next level."
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