The Undergraduate Journal of Art History & Visual Culture (UJAH), published every year by the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at the University of British Columbia, promotes undergraduate research, artwork, and writing. For the 11th Issue, the team was looking forward to creating something different from what they had done in previous years; they wanted to bring a new look that was more playful, colourful and unique. As the lead graphic designer, I proposed to combine different paper sizes and textures to create an original and eye-catchy look. But, I also put extra attention on the reading experience. Academic papers tend to be quite long, so it is imperative to help the reader navigate the text seamlessly. It was very important to find the perfect balance between the design elements and the content so that the text is not overshadowed. The end result is a journal that looked like no other UJAH journal. The team liked the look so much that they happily allowed me to update their existing website.

project type
Editorial (Print)
Web Design
Role: Lead Designer + Creative Director
Country: Canada
Design Assistant: Akari Esaka
Printer: Mitchell Press
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Greg gibson
"Daniela worked with our department on the annual student journal of critical essays, artist profiles, and exhibition reviews. She came up with an entirely new creative concept for the journal that, through its structure of differing page sizes and paper stocks, cleverly revealed the information hierarchy within it, as each type of content received a distinct treatment. Hand-assembled in a short print run, Daniela’s design was a nod to limited edition artists’ books, and entirely appropriate to the spirit of the publication. Creative, detailed oriented, and a pragmatic project manager, Daniela was a tremendous asset in this important annual project."
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