Tickit Health

Tickit Health is a digital-health start-up based in Vancouver; its web-based app is used in clinics and schools in Australia, Canada and the USA. Tickit's platform is a tool that helps care providers to collect data from patients, most importantly from people that come from vulnerable populations or have visual impairments and low literacy levels. I worked in the creation and development of Tickit's brand, marketing and sales assets. I participated in the improvement of Tickit's platform by helping to make the tool more user-friendly by adding a new icon library, introducing a new set of colour palettes and creating a design guide of best practices for each template. One of the main goals was to achieve a look that was amiable and receptive by using vibrant colours that are not commonly used in many clinical settings and adding illustrations and icons that really helped to transmit and communicate information clearly.

project type
Branding Strategy + Identity
Role: Communication Designer
Tickit Health
Country: Canada
AARP Caregiver Quality of Life
Challenge at Health 2.0 -
Santa Clara, CA 2017.
CEO:  Daniel Penn
Medical Director:  Sandy Whitehouse
Client Success:  Mitchell Chow
Sales Manager:  Mark Russell
Privacy & Security:  John Simoes
Product Manager:  Janelle Chong
John simoes
"Daniela's contribution to Tickit Health were way beyond the astonishing beauty of her creations on design and visual identity we are now so proud of. With her hard work, kindness and work ethics, she was key to our company culture and become a great example of what we consider a reference and standard for talent. During those years working together, we saw her transition from a freshly new graduate to a proficient and mature professional, capable of handling a great deal of responsibility and delivering not only individual results but getting everyone together for a common goal. I wouldn't hesitate in bringing Daniela in for ambitions and critical projects.
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