Happy Training Makes Happy Dogs

AnimalKind is a program that accredits companies that share BC SPCA's animal welfare values. As part of their marketing campaign - Happy Training Makes Happy Dogs, they contacted me to create 5 illustrations and one infographic. One of the most important considerations to take into account for the success of this illustration project was to make sure that the illustrations depicted a variety of dog breeds (small and large) and it was also crucial to represent a diverse group of people. As for the style, it was vital to keep a realistic look so that the poses and facial expressions of the dogs and the people correlated with the article's copy and were easy to understand. In order to have the illustrations work individually but also as a cohesive group, the use of a simple yellow background and the organic shape outline gave a perfect solution that allowed the set of illustrations to share elements in common and it also guided the attention of the viewer to be on the dogs and the owner's actions.

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Role: Graphic Designer
Country: Canada
BC SPCA Marketing Coordinator
Marcela Vargas
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marcela vargas
"Daniela is knowledgeable and professional. Her work ethic is remarkable, which allowed for easy communication during the creative process. Daniela’s time management skills make her a reliable graphic designer. She committed to a project that had a short turnaround, presented a timeline based on our needs and adhered to every deadline. Working with her was a pleasure."
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