Bien Parida

BienParida is a Colombian brand founded by a mother and daughter duo that one day realized that many pregnant women lack the opportunity to be part of communities where information and conversations about self-care during and after pregnancy happen. They decided to combine their efforts to create a line of care products for pregnant women, and through their social networks, they share valuable information about postpartum care, women's health and maternity. BienParida seeks to accompany women on their way to childbirth and motherhood. It is with great joy that I joined this team and created a beautiful and thoughtful brand identity that reflects BienParida's personality and approach. It was our main objective to have all elements, from the logo to the smallest sticker, reflect a depiction of motherhood and pregnancy that is fun, sensual, bold, caring, chic and strong.

project type
Brand Identity
Custom Labels Design
Role: Designer + Art Director
Bien Parida
Country: Colombia
Manuela Montanez
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behind the scenes
manuela montanez
"We had a great experience working with Daniela. She took the time to really understand the core values of our business, our DNA and the vision we had. Besides doing a phenomenal job on our branding, she gave us great advice and suggestions that we use on a daily basis. BienParida is a project we are very passionate about, so we were extremely happy to work with someone that treated this project as it were her own. Would highly recommend working with Oh Manova."
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